In other amusing Grammy news, a song from the South Park movie was also nominated in another category (Blame Canda).

From Joe: This text was taken from the Official Ozzy site. If you visit there, you can view clips of the trailer online.

The Ozzfest is coming to a theater near you! That’s right, you can fix your winter Ozzfest jones when the Ozzfest hits the silver screen early next year. Acclaimed director Penelope Spheeris (Decline of Western Civilization Parts 1, 2, and 3, Wayne’s World) took out a full crew on last year’s tour to capture all that is The Ozzfest: the people, the music, the excitement, the chaos. Her work is nothing short of a masterwork, and the feature length documentary is enhanced by the use of cutting-edge High Definition technology and a full (read: LOUD) Dolby Digital Surround Sound audio treatment. This must be seen and heard to be believed! A special film tour is being planned for this year to take the film across the country, and, in addition to the feature presentation, there will be three bands playing live throughout the night. We thank you all for your title suggestions. Bookmark and and check back soon for full details, dates, and venues.

Director Penelope Spheeris encountered the nitty-gritty world of the concert business, the circus-like atmosphere of Never Neverland, the parking lot parties, and every imaginable stripe of the Ozzfest cast of characters.