A few days ago, I spoke with Bill Ward’s production manager, and got an update on his third solo album.

Bill was in the studio in early April, and worked in the studio during most of the month. However, the appearance of Black Sabbath at the recent weenie roast in Los Angeles took up some time, as the guys had to plan for that, and do a couple of rehearsals. Furthermore, studio time just ran long to begin with, mostly due to a lot of equipment problems and breakdowns. Also, there was some time spent getting album art together, drawn up, liner notes, as well as all the other fiddly details that most people don’t think about that go into an album production.

What’s left to do for the album? Well, there’s about two or 3 days left of mixing work to do, and then it’s off to mastering. After mastering, the album can be delivered for mass duplication by a record company. Who will be distributing it is still up in the air, but that should be settled shortly.

What’s the release date? Well, that’s not completely known yet because it’s not complete yet, but the current target release is mid August, although Bill hopes to be done faster than that.

There is one big piece of news on it. It’s had a name change. It was formerly called "Remembering". It is now called "Beyond Aston".

More info on this as we get it.

One other thing – the planned re-release of Bill’s first studio album "Ward One: Along the Way" has been scrapped for now. There’s a lot of issues relative to that album, and what will become of it is unknown at this time.