This past week, I had emailed Tony Martin asking what he’s been up to – mostly because I’ve had a lot of emails asking the same thing, and also because I wanted to know myself. Here’s what Tony had to say:

joe hi, no problem. there’s not much to tell to be honest, I’m working on some film score stuff which is an area that I have wanted to get into for some time, basically because it allows me to use my talents as a writer, in all kinds of styles. I’m looking to do some producing too. I’m really happy. I work if I want, play if I want, it’s kinda cool. I’m still looking for the moment to take up the touring thing. trouble is I’m so content at the moment It’s difficult to get motivated. I’ve always been happiest in the studio where the technology is. I love all that stuff.

As for Back where I belong? sorry, my Ex manager wouldn’t let it go, I did ask, but I’m afraid he wouldn’t let me have it. I know why!!!!!

The only thing I have to do now is learn how to spell!!!


Best wishes TM

And before anyone asks – no I can’t give you his email address (or anyone else’s address who you’ve seen me post things from from time to time) – sorry!