Here’s some information on “The Pit” promotion for Ozzfest 2001…

Listed below are the markets with enough balls take on the Pit! The rest either couldn’t or wouldn’t do it!! Some shows are already general admission so the whole venue (or at least the floor) is already a swirling mad vortex. There is nothing we can do to change a venue’s decision not to take part.

Here’s how it works: visit during the times listed below, fill out a short form, and get the link to the purchase page. THIS IS AN INTERNET-ONLY PROMOTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY OZZFEST.COM and will ONLY be available during the set 12 hour time window. An exclusive t-shirt for Pit Pass holders will be included and sent with your ticket(s).

Pre-sale for Friday, March 16 10am Pacific Time till 10pm
San Bernardino, Calif.
Bristow, Va.

Pre-sale for Friday, March 23 time TBD
Charlotte, N.C.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Pre-sale for Monday, March 23 time TBD
Atlanta, Ga.

Pre-sale for Thursday, March 29 time TBD
Dallas, Tex.

Pre-sale for Friday, April 6 time TBD
St. Louis, Mo.
Kansas City, Mo.

Pre-sale for Wednesday, May 4 time TBD
San Antonio, Tex.

NOTE: the pre-sale applies ONLY to the Pit! Pavilion and lawn seating will be available for purchase starting on the general on-sale date.

If you have further questions, send e-mail to