I’ve been informed by Dario Mollo that there has been a deal struck for the Tony Martin / Dario Mollo "Cage" project to have a new record deal. Here’s Dario’s email to me on the subject:

From: "Dario Mollo" <Email withheld>
Subject: Mollo-Martin news
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 18:10:57 +0200

Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions can finally announce that they have secured a worldwide multi album deal with the duo formed by Italian guitar-hero Dario Mollo (of Voodoo Hill fame) and ex Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin, namely, The Cage.

The two have already produced a self titled album two years ago which had a very strong impact on the critics and the public in the hard rock/metal world.

The CD is already taking shape at the world renowned Damage Inc. Studios in Ventimiglia, Italy (The Cage; Anathema; Giuntini Project; Voodoo Hill etc.) and tracks are being laid down by Roberto Gualdi on drums, Dario Patti on keyboards and none other than Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder) appearing as guest on bass.

Tony Martin is already busy recording his vocals and says: "This album will include some of the most outstanding vocal work that ever came from myself. The song Terra Toria has the highest note that I’ve ever sung on an album: G#4!".

Dario Mollo adds: "It is going to be slightly more aggressive and powerful than the previous The Cage album and the Voodoo Hill one, but still it contains possibly some of the best melodies I have ever written in my life!"

The release date is not scheduled yet, but the label aims to have the album out before the end of this year.

In other news, the first Badlands CD, "Badlands" has been reissued. A news report from says this:

"Koch Records has reissued BADLANDS’ famous self-titled debut. Featuring former OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Jake E. Lee, KISS and current ALICE COOPER drummer Eric Singer, bassist Greg Chaisson, and vocalist Ray Gillen, Badlands was originally released in 1989. The album was produced by Paul O’Neill, noted for his work with SAVATAGE and the TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA Bassist Greg Chaisson reminisces: "Badlands was the best band and best musical experience of my career, and while it wasn’t the easiest album to make, it is good album and we had a good time touring on it. Besides, Ray was the best singer of his time, Jake is a genius and Eric (as his career speaks for itself) is one of rocks all time great drummers! Jake’s music gave me the chance to be my most creative, and I’ll always be grateful for that chance!!" The album charted on the Billboard Top 200 at a respectable #57, and remained on the charts for 26 weeks. Videos were produced for ‘Winter’s Call’ and ‘Dreams In The Dark’ which assisted in the success of the record."