Ronnie Romero Covers Sabbath

Ronnie Romero, the vocalist most recently known for his work with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow as well as the Michael Schenker Group announced a new album called “Raised on Heavy Radio”.  This is a covers album, and the lead single/instant grat track is a cover of “The Shining” from the Black Sabbath album “The Eternal Idol”.

Quiet Riot’s Road Rage

Quiet Riot has a total of 13 studio albums.  The first being 1977’s “Quiet Riot I”, and the most recent being 2017’s “Road Rage”.  The  majority of that output in that 40 years was with their most well known vocalist, Kevin DuBrow.  But DuBrow died in late 2007, and at the time, was thought to […]

Snakecharmer Second Skin

Back on December 2012, I wrote about the then pending release of the first Snakecharmer album.  At the time I rather liked it, but in the few years that have passed since I wrote that, I’ve come to bloody love the album.  The first Snakecharmer album is for me one of my favorite albums released […]

Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers Live

Those who know this site know my affinity for the whole history of the band.  Back in 1983, I was really into the Born Again album, and while I read before it came out that it might be a single album/project tour, I kept hoping we’d get another album from them in 1984.  That didn’t […]

From Queensryche to Queensryche

UPDATE: If you go to the bottom of the page, you can listen to a FULL ALBUM stream now.  :) In the last site redesign, I said that from time to time, I’d write something about music that isn’t directly related to Black Sabbath, and today is one of those posts.  I’m here to write […]

Snakecharmer Review

I live in the United States, and given my age, I was a “musical child of the 80’s”.  I was 15 in 1980, and music of that era is what dominated my rock listening style.   Like a lot of Americans, I was introduced to Whitesnake through the Slide it In album, and that crystallized […]


Next month we will be getting an album of new material from Snakecharmer (that’s also the album’s name), a band made up of some former Whitesnake members (Micky Moody & Neil Murray), as well as a Black Sabbath connection (Neil again, and Adam Wakeman).   I should have some more promotional material available shortly, but […]

Some Free Tunes

Today I was browsing the free music section over at’s store, and ran across an album that got my attention. It was a sampler from Eagle Records music. While there’s no directly relevant music on it (read Black Sabbath), there are some related tunes you should check out. They are: Rapture of the Deep […]

Halestorm Interview with Lzzy Hale

The next in our video series from the Atlantic City gig is tonight, on the opener, Halestorm. For most of the US tour that just concluded, the opening band was Coheed & Cambria. Except for the final date. The last date (August 29th) in Atlantic City, the opener was a band called Halestorm. To be […]


Today I’m here to announce another giveaway on my Sabbath site. This time I’ve got five copies of the String Quartet Tribute to Black Sabbath to give away. There’s no trivia contest this time, just send an email with your name and address to Please note that ANY EMAILS SENT ANYWHERE ELSE THAN STRINGQUARTET@BLACKSABBATH.COM […]