It’s been ages since I had any Bill Ward news to report on, but I got some over the weekend. Bill reads the list if y’all didn’t know that, and I got a reply based on my remarks to a member in the last issue over the availability of Bill’s first album, Along the Way (which still kicks ass all these years later). Anyway, here’s a cut and paste from the email I got from Bill’s wife.

Regarding re-releasing Along the Way, Bill’s been trying to find some songs that he’s written that might work on that album. Bill has also been looking for musicians to play the new material. Bill’s not sure yet how many new tracks will appear on Along the Way. To say the least, it’s a slow moving project. Bill hopes that Along the Way could be resolved and reprinted this year. The Ozzy tracks will not appear on the new release. Bill’s second album, When the Bough Breaks, update: a world wide album deal is in the works at this time. And again, Bill’s hoping to be resolved on a re-release date sometime this year. Finally, Beyond Aston, Bill’s third album is scheduled for final mixes starting March 15th. This album is scheduled to be released as soon as possible. If there is a good reaction to Beyond Aston, he will do live dates this year.

The about face on Along the Way is news to me, too! Last time I spoke with Bill’s people, I wa told that they were no longer doing it at all. Now I get word that it will come out, but I have no clue when. It’s a shame about the Ozzy tracks, they’re GREAT tunes.

Although the way things have been going, right about the time Bill would gear up for some new stuff, it’ll probably be time to record a new Sabbath album. <g>