A couple of years ago, the most excellent album "The Cage" by Dario Mollo & Tony Martin came out. Those who have heard it have had nothing but praise for it. Tony Martin had told me a few months ago that he had laid down tracks for a Cage II CD, so yesterday I inquired to Dario Mollo about it’s status. This is what he wrote me back..

DARIO MOLLO / TONY MARTIN – THE CAGE 2 new album, has been completed and is scheduled for a simultaneous European and Japanese release on May 22nd 2002.

The final track listing is:

  1. Terra Toria
  2. Overload
  3. Life Love and Everything
  4. The Balance Of Power
  5. Amore Silenzioso
  6. 11(instrumental)
  7. Wind Of Change
  8. Theater Of Dreams
  9. What a Strange Thing Love Is
  10. Dazed And Confused
  11. Guardian Angel
  12. Poison Roses
  13. The Japanese Bonus track is: Over A. (instrumental)

The guest musicians are:

  • Roberto Gualdi – Drums
  • Dario Patti – Keys
  • Tony Franklin – Bass

This is good news for music fans, although at the moment there appears to be no US distribution information. I will keep up on that, and bring you any info I can. Dario has also graciously offered to send me some copies of the CD once he has them available, so I can do a giveaway. Those of you who have heard the first Cage CD will certainly want to get in on that giveaway.

Anyway, if you have not yet heard the first Cage CD, it is still available for purchase through Click on the cover art below to order it, or you can check out Dario’s site for more information on the Cage.