The Osbournes - Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, & Kelly

Tomorrow night is the premiere of "The Osbournes" on MTV. Normally I don’t watch MTV anymore (it’s been since the days of Headbanger’s Ball since I watched them regularly except for Beavis & Butthead), but for some reason, this intrigues me.

I once heard a quote "Put a camera in front of Ozzy and you get something good". I imagine that to be true, and somehow I picture this actually coming off as funny.

We shall see – it’s on tomorrow night on MTV (USA), and it airs starting tomorrow, March 5th at 10:30PM Eastern Time. (If you miss the first showing, there’s replays during the week – check your local listings) There’s more info available on the show over at – you can link directly to the page for the Osbournes by clicking on the logo here.