A more serious Tony Martin story.. Tony’s going out on tour with the band Bailey’s Comet. Here’s a news story about it..

Bailey’s Comet are pleased to announce that former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin will be fronting the band on the Day Of Judgement Tour 2002. The tour is scheduled for April/May.

The tour may also include dates in Europe so interested rock fans should keep logging on to the Bailey’s website: for forthcoming gig information.

The band’s debut album Judgement Day was released by Now & Then / Frontiers in Europe 2001 has been well received by both the fans and the critics. The band missed out on touring last year due to their vocalist being unwilling to fulfil touring commitments.

The Baileys had this to say regarding attracting and touring with one of rocks legendary vocalist Tony Martin:

"We were all disappointed that we couldn’t go out on the road last year and follow up on the great response to the album. Shit happens and at the end of the day you have to move on. We set out with a definite line up in mind right back from the demo stages. It soon became apparent that loyalty doesn’t always work out both ways. We are no longer prepared to carry surplice baggage it ends up costing you time and money. The nucleus of the band will remain but we will be keeping the door of opportunity open for dedicated musicians who want to rock and not wash dishes (or wait for the bingo to Finnish).

Tony Martin is a class act and it makes you stop and wander what the album could have ended up like with his sort on vocals? The initial rehearsals went great he likes the music and the vibe. It’s been cool to hang out together. The live shows should be great with Tony playing fiddle live for the first time and his songs interspersed with the majority of the Judgement Day album.

We are pretty up beat about the he first Bailey/Martin song and so there may be a few surprises in store on the tour. We are just going out to play the music to the fans it’s them that we want to hear the material. None of us want to look too far ahead but if we enjoy this venture together then we see no reason why Bailey and Martin shouldn’t work together again. We are already talking about live albums, and hooking up again and we haven’t hit the road yet so let’s take it one stage at a time. As a musician you want to work with other artiste but if we need to appoint a new full time vocalist after this tour then we will. Our priority is Bailey’s Comet but side projects and different styles of music will also be a part of the future. The moment it’s right for Tony Martin and for the BAILEY’S so lets just enjoy the moment!"