Tony Martin has graciously decided to participate in a fan email interview through this web site and my mailing list. Tony as you know spent many a year in Black Sabbath, and has recorded many songs that some people consider some of Sabbath’s best material.

Ever had a question for Tony? Now you can get it to him. I am going to be collecting questions for Tony and forwarding them to him. He has said he will answer the ones I send and send them back to me, and then I’ll publish the results on my web site.

You can send your questions to A few caveats here:

  1. Please try and get all your questions together in a single email. I would prefer you not ask a zillion questions, but I’m not going to put a limit on what you can send me.
  2. Not all the questions will go to Tony. I anticipate a large response to this, and as such, I will screen all questions. Duplicates will be weeded out, and in that case, the earliest entry will go first.
  3. I will be weeding out lame crap like "How does it feel knowing people think you suck". That kind of crap is insulting, and won’t even be considered. Save us both time, and don’t send stuff like that.
  4. Spend some time and think of good questions, not the usual stuff you see in interviews like this. I want to try and make it a good interview with insightful questions. Not "Uh, what’s your favorite Black Sabbath song"?

Again, send your questions to – I will be taking questions until about April 24th, and will send them to Tony on May 1st. That’s my plan, I reserve the right to shorten or lengthen the time depending on Tony’s schedule.

Get Headless!

(And no, I will not give out Tony’s email address, no matter hard you beg or plead, so please save us both some time and don’t ask).