Here’s a msg I tried to send out to the mailing list today (and an update to it).

Please forgive the additional test message. I’m having a little difficulty getting this software up and running. Once it is, it’ll be able to handle the mailing list fine – and given I was told not to use the SMTP server I was using for the list anymore, I have to locate a new area for the mailing list to come from. We do a lot of traffic. For example, the last issue was 30,078 bytes. I sent it to 3,650 or so folks. That’s a total of 109,784,700 megs of traffic just from the last mailing list. When the lists are higher than that (which frequently happens), it’s a lot more traffic.

I am aware that some folks got multiple copies of the previous test, as well as Issue #1079 which I sent out yesterday. I’m also aware that some folks never got either. Hell, I got 4 copies EACH myself! Due to this, I’ve put Issue #1079 up in the archives already (normally I wait till the next issue is out, but I wanted folks to see this one. If you got this msg, but missed issue #1079, check out the backissue area at

Anyway, I’m trying another experiment to hopefully see if this works right. Please bear with me through these changes. I hope to have it resolved in the next few days or so. There may be another test msg or two. For folks who just signed up, this stuff is NOT regular behaviour. I normally send out an issue a week, and that’s it. If you are receiving this msg multiple times, please accept my apologies, I hope to have it all ironed out shortly.

Well, it appears that the new software solution is getting stuck after sending to 1,200 users. There’s no posted limit on the software, but I’m trying to get it resolved. It is good software, save for these problems I’m running into getting it up and going. Once I get it all ironed out, I’ll want to be paying for the software, and at that point, I might have to ask for monetary help in paying for it. More on that later. In the meantime, I’m probably not going to be sending out another issue until I can get this worked out – there’s no point in sending out a mailing to 3,600 people when only the first 1,200 get it. :(