Today I went through the BIG CD giveaway, and picked the winners. Here’s a list of who won, and what they won. Keep it here for more giveaways! :)

  • Tom Straw (Pittsburgh, PA) – Ozzy’s Down to Earth
  • Gabe Zentner (Indianapolis, IN) – Seventh Star
  • Bernardo (?) – Seventh Star
  • Ricky Knight (Muskegon, MI) – Born Again
  • Andrew Davy (Kent, England) – Born Again
  • Lenoid Maravosky (Auburndale, MA) – Rainbow, Live in Germany
  • Sigmund Lillejordet (Trondheim, Norway) – Rainbow, Live in Germany
  • Johan Nielsen (Halmstad, Sweden) – Rainbow, Live in Germany
  • Dion Stojsavljevic (Victoria, Austraila) – Nativtity in Black II
  • Peter Eklund (Uppsala, Sweden) – Nativity in Black II
  • Fabio Bastos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – Nativity in Black II
  • Francisco Nieto (Quito, Ecuador) – Bill Ward’s When the Bough Breaks
  • Zoa (?) – Bill Ward’s When the Bough Breaks
  • Shawn Warfield (Patton, PA) – Bill Ward’s When the Bough Breaks
  • Joe Mallon (?) – Iommi
  • Torsten Reitz (Elz, Germany) – Iommi
  • Pekka Wainio (Kauniainen, Finland) – Iommi
  • Steve Beach (Oxford, England) – Iommi
  • Tim Vaughn (?) – Iommi

The questions I asked for this contest were:

  1. Who is the only person ever to sing vocals on a Black Sabbath album other than the "Sabbath vocalist" for that album? Think "guest vocalist". I’m not counting backing vocals, or someone else who was a member of Black Sabbath.
  2. Which member of Yes played for Black Sabbath and when?
  3. How many official studio albums has Black Sabbath put out over the years?
  4. Which tour did Sabbath cover a Deep Purple song during it’s set, and what was the song?
  5. Which of these was not a former band name of Black Sabbath’s? Polka Tulk Blues Band, Mythology, Earth, Polka Tulk.

Here are the answers:

  1. The rapper Ice-T. He sang (or rapped, whatever) a short verse of the song "The Illusion of Power" from 1995’s Forbidden album. I was specific to ask for guest vocalist. I had a few people suggest Ray Gillen on the Eternal Idol, and Dave Walker back in 1978, but I discounted both of those because Ray had already been a Sabbath vocalist, and Dave was the vocalist of the time. I was looking for "guest", which is why I defined that.
  2. Rick Wakeman played keyboards on the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album.
  3. I specifically asked for studio albums, that means no live albums (Live Evil, CP Live, Reunion, Past Lives), and no compilations (We Sold Our Soul & Sabbath Stones). Taking that into account, the number is 18 (check the list). I was not counting a possible new studio album by Sabbath, as it doesn’t exist. :)
  4. On the Born Again Tour, Sabbath covered Purple’s Smoke on the Water, as Ian Gillan was the Sabbath vocalist at the time.
  5. Mythology. That was a band that Tony Iommi & Bill Ward were in before Sabbath was formed.