Picked the winners of the Past Lives giveaway trivia contest. Posted here are the answers to the questions, as well as the winners:

What previously released (unofficial) Sabbath album contained the same material that is on Disc 1 of Past Lives?

Live at Last – the unofficial album released in 1980, which legend has it led directly to Sabbath wanting an official Live album – Live Evil.

Who is the only other member of Black Sabbath (besides Tony Iommi) to have worked with everyone who has been in the band in it’s entire history?

Geoff Nicholls. Geoff came in in 1979 to play bass after Geezer had left for a time, then switched over to keyboards when Geezer came back. Geoff has been there ever since, playing with everyone who has come and gone over the years. When Ozzy came back in 1997, that finished the circle. Someone had reminded me of Dave Walker in 1978, and to some extent, that is correct. Geoff never worked with Dave, when he was briefly in the band in early 1978. However, I didn’t realize this until after I had picked the winners.

How many and what are the names of all the live Black Sabbath albums (not counting bootlegs) that have been released?

The four official Sabbath Live albums are Live Evil (1982), Cross Purposes Live (1995), Reunion (1999), & Past Lives (2002). Live at Last on it’s own doesn’t count, as it wasn’t an official album. A lot of people left off Past Lives from their entry.

Who was the only person ever to play a guitar solo on a Black Sabbath album besides Tony Iommi?

Queen’s Brian May played the guitar solo on the track "When Death Calls" from the Headless Cross album.

How many former members of Black Sabbath have also played in Deep Purple and who are they?

Ian Gillan (Born Again vocals), Glenn Hughes (Seventh Star Vocals), & Don Airey (Never Say Die Keyboards). Ronnie James Dio was sent in to me – he was never considered an official Purple member.

Someone else said I should have asked how many Rainbow members were in Sabbath. There were more there, as Ronnie James Dio, Bob Daisley, Don Airey, Cozy Powell, & Bobby Rondinelli were all in Rainbow & Sabbath. Also, depending on whom you listen to, you could count Craig Gruber too, as he worked on the pre-production of the Heaven & Hell album, too.

The winners:

  • Christian Spiteri
  • Matti Tolvanen
  • Alex Tchirkov
  • Peter Simpson
  • Romulo Ehalt
  • "Clarky the Sparky" (Real name withheld)