Tony Martin seems to be the busiest former member of Black Sabbath out there right now. In addition to the album "The Cage II" which was released earlier this year – he’s also on the newly released "Our Cross Our Sins" disc from the band Rondinelli. This album also features former Sabbath member Neil Murray, as well as band namesake Bobby Rondinelli. That’s 3/5 of a former Sabbath lineup there. :)

Anyway, the album is out, and I got a review copy from MTM records, and I have to say it’s quite quite good. If you like Tony Martin’s era of Sabbath, you should definitely check this out. I will be doing info pages on the two Rondinelli discs soon (the first one also featured former Sabbath vocalist – the late Ray Gillen). In the meantime, see if you can get it ordered. It’s hard to find in the US, because the US market SUCKS for this kind of music. However, I do have a few links for you:

The full tracklisting has been released, check it out:

  1. Naughty Dragon 05:38
  2. Dawn 05:39
  3. It’s A Lie 05:15
  4. The Meaning Of Evil 06:25
  5. Midnight Hour 05:29
  6. Find The One 05:26
  7. Bulls Eye 06:29
  8. Time 05:14
  9. Our Cross – Our Sins 03:58

You can now check out more sound samples from all the songs the album by visiting this link.

Also, I was just sent this info on a new album that Tony Martin is working on (again with Neil Murray). Check this out:

EMPIRE Enlist Help From Metal Superstars For Sophomore CD – Oct. 13, 2002

EMPIRE, the solo project of VANIZE guitarist Rolf Munkes, are currently working on the follow-up to last year’s Hypnotica CD, due in early 2003 through Lion Music. The full list of musicians contributing to the album is as follows:

Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH) – Vocals
Rolf Munkes – Guitars
Gerald Kloos – Drums
Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE) – Keyboards
Anders Johansson (HAMMERFALL, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) – Guest on drums (two tracks)

Among the titles set to appear on the forthcoming CD are the following:

01. Perfect Singularity
02. Back in the Light
03. Big World Little Man
04. One in a Million
05. Comin’ Home
06. Did You Ever Love Me
07. Pay Back Time
08. You
09. Teenage Deadhead
10. Wherever You Go

Once I hear more about this project, I’ll pass on more info. In the meantime, go buy the new Rondinelli disc. :)