Empire CD

A short note – I neglected to mention the release of the Trading Souls album from the band Empire led by Rolf Munkes. This is of interest to Sabbath fans due to the inclusion of former Sabbath band members Tony Martin, Neil Murray, & Don Airey (currently in Deep Purple). I just today found out that it is to be released in the United States on May 20th (although it’s been out in Europe since April 21st apparently). I have a few links of info for you on this:

  1. Order CD from Amazon.com
  2. Empire Home Site
  3. Story about CD with sound clips

If you’re a fan of the Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath, you should definitely check this out (if you can get your hands on it). For some reason, while the home site for Empire says that it came out April 21st, I oddly enough cannot find the CD available for order on Amazon’s UK site. Odd indeed.