Geoff Nicholls and Cats

Turns out longtime Black Sabbath keyboardist Geoff Nicholls is a big cat person (for the record, so am I). The October issue of Cat Fancy magazine has a piece entitled “Cats Rock!” which is an article about various rock folks and their cats.
Well, in this issue is an article about Geoff Nicholls. In it, he talks about his two cats, Wilma & Charlie, and how the kitties warmed their way into his hearts. The article also makes mention that Geoff is to release a CD of his own music soon (Yay!), as well as other rock folks (like Freddie Mercury) being cat people. This issue of the newsletter is on stands now.
Here’s a short snippet from the article (the picture of Geoff is also from the article, but I didn’t get a very good scan of it).
“I adopted Wilma from a cat center, where she’d been placed after her original owners had died. She was about three years old. She came straight up to me and wound herself around my legs, it was irrestible. Now she rules the house.”
“I was awoken one blustery night by the sound of a wimpering meow. At first, I thought it was Wilma, but she was curled comfortably at the bottm of my bed. Then I thought a neighbor’s cat had gotten locked in the garage where I’d parked the car. I went outside to check. It was really pouring and there at the top of the driveway was this tiny little creature completely soaked. I don’t think he was more than a month old at the time. He ran into some bushes the moment I approached. Eventually, I went to get some cat food and when he started eating, I managed to pick him up and bring him inside.”