New Quartz Album Is Out!

If y’all didn’t notice, Quartz released a new album back in the spring.  It’s called “On the Edge of No Tomorrow”.  If you’re reading my site, then you should know that Quartz was the band that Geoff Nicholls was in before he hooked up with Tony Iommi & Black Sabbath.  I’m here to drop some […]

Reflections on Geoff Nicholls

Today has been an odd day for me.  I woke up to an email from Tony Iommi’s management telling me that Geoff Nicholls had died.  After I got the word out there, I started contacting others.  Former Black Sabbath band mates, and other people I knew that knew Geoff.  One of which was Jamie Mallender. […]

RIP Geoff Nicholls

Rest in Peace Geoff Nicholls, a long time member of Black Sabbath having been there for roughly 25 years, and appeared on NUMEROUS albums.

The Southern Cross Band Info

In about two and a half weeks, it will be the two year anniversary of the death of Ronnie James Dio.  Ronnie’s life has touched numerous musicians and fans.  A lot of people continue to mourn the loss of Ronnie.   Some of his final band members toured under the moniker of “Dio Disciples” late […]

Quartz cover of “Heaven & Hell”

A week ago I got an email from one of the guys in Quartz about a video they posted from their reunion show late last year.  This one is their tribute to Dio, they played the track “Heaven & Hell”.  What’s interesting about that is that Geoff Nicholls was one of the originators of the […]


A few weeks ago, I posted a Tony Iommi tribute video, and I was asked what the song on there was.   As was noted in the comments, the track is called “Miranha”, and it was recorded around 1990 during the time of the Tyr sessions.  It’s a track that was created for a compilation […]

Tony Martin 2012

Those who have followed me and this site for some time now know I’m a big fan of the band’s ENTIRE history.  Not just one part of it.  The band’s been around since 1968 in some version or another, and in all that time, there’s been about 31 people play (officially) under the banner of […]

Quartz is back!

Quartz is back!  Who is Quartz?  They’re a band from the late 70’s that Tony Iommi produced, and their most notable member (to Black Sabbath fans anyway), is Geoff Nicholls.  The guy who played keyboards on 10 studio and 3 live Black Sabbath albums from 1980 through 2004. When he was brought in in 1979 […]

Old Quartz Album to be Re-Released

In another entry in the lost recordings department comes the news that the old first Quartz album in early 2004. Quartz is notable because it was the band that Geoff Nicholls was in before he hooked up with Tonu Iommi & Black Sabbath. The album was produced by Tony Iommi, and also features longtime friend […]

Geoff Nicholls and Cats

Turns out longtime Black Sabbath keyboardist Geoff Nicholls is a big cat person (for the record, so am I). The October issue of Cat Fancy magazine has a piece entitled “Cats Rock!” which is an article about various rock folks and their cats. Well, in this issue is an article about Geoff Nicholls. In it, […]