Ozzy Injured in Accident

Ozzy Osbourne was injured yesterday in an all terrain vehichle accident at his estate in England. In short, he crashed and got pretty injured. He has a broken collarbone, six broken ribs, & a broken vertebrae in his neck. None of this is considered to be life threatening. He’s undergone some emergency surgery, and is recuperating now. There’s been several wire stories about this, here’s some of them:
* Ozzy badly hurt in crash
* Osbourne recuperating in intensive care
* Sharon Osbourne rushes to Ozzy’s bedside
* Osbourne resting after emergency surgery
* Rocker Ozzy Osbourne in intensive care after quad bike crash
* Ozzy Osbourne can’t walk or talk yet
UPDATE: Ozzy is apparently doing better, according to this news story about him.
UPDATE in Jan 2005: When I was moving the news system to this new format, I discovered all these news links were dead, so I didn’t bother to put the links back up again.