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Another Black Box Update

Another day, another Black Box update. :) This time the update is about a news story over at about Black Box. In it the article talks about content on the package. Specifically, it says this.. It (the DVD) will also feature original interviews from such SABBATH disciples as Rob Zombie, James Hetfield, Vince Neil, […]

Blacker Box

Ever since I first started talking about the Black Box set online, I’ve been asked if/when the remaining Sabbath catalog would receive such a treatment. I’ve said in the past that there are plans to remaster the remaining Sabbath catalog in a similar fashion, but work on that wouldn’t start until Black Box is out. […]

Black Box Update

Got an update to the Black Box situation. I got word today from Warner/Rhino that the formal release date for Black Box is now April 27, 2004. I was also sent final box art to view as well. A thumbnail appears here, you can check out a larger version by visiting the discography page for […]