Bob Daisley Update

Was going through some backlogged information I had, and discovered I had a few Bob Daisley updates to let people know about. First up is that Bob has recorded bass tracks for a new Gary Moore album. Joining Bob & Gary was Darrin Mooney from the band “Primal Scream”.
Something else of interest to Sab/Ozzy fans is the other project Bob is involved in. The name of the band is “Living Loud”, and the album name they have recorded is entitled “Relentless”. Of more interest to folks I’m sure will be who is in the band, and what tracks are on the album. The band is Bob Daisley (bass), Steve Morse (Guitar), Lee Kerslake (Drums), Don Airey (Keyboards), & Jimmy Barnes (Vocals). The track listing is:
* Last Chance.
* I Don’t know.
* Every Moment a Lifetime.
* Crazy Train.
* In the Name of God.
* Flying High Again.
* Pushed Me Too Hard.
* Mr. Crowley.
* Tonight.
* Walk Away.
* Over the Mountain.
I think some of those will look familiar to folks. :) More details on the release of these projects as I hear about them.