Bob Daisley’s “For Facts Sake”

One of the names that has been around various projects related to this site in one way or another is Bob Daisley.  As a member of the original Blizzard of Ozz band in 1980, he, along with Lee Kerslake formed the rhythm section for two of metal’s most classic albums, “Blizzard of Ozz” & “Diary […]

Bob Daisley Update

In going through my email this morning, I ran across one from one of my site visitors, Annette Smith from Victoria, Australia. She had quite a few updates on what’s going on with Bob Daisley. Instead of me just translating her email, I’ll just post it as is. Check it out. Joe, I’ve just been […]

Bob Daisley Update

Was going through some backlogged information I had, and discovered I had a few Bob Daisley updates to let people know about. First up is that Bob has recorded bass tracks for a new Gary Moore album. Joining Bob & Gary was Darrin Mooney from the band “Primal Scream”. Something else of interest to Sab/Ozzy […]


Just a quick note to say that Bob Daisley was kind enough to send me a review copy of the Mother’s Army albums. Mother’s Army is a band that should be of some interest to folks who like Sabbath / Purple / Rainbow as the band is made up of several folks who were in […]