Site Hosting Update

I’m still with my old host. Given that my news page is still active, I’m doing this update today.
I’ve eyeballed a replacement host for the site, but with the traffic I do, the target will cost me anywhere between $149 and $189 per month in costs – that’s definitely something I cannot afford to pay. Not even a chance. I’ve investigated a couple of options who might be willing to fund the site, but those negotiations are still ongoing. I’m really hoping one of them can come through, because otherwise I might have to consider the possibility that the site might have to go down because I cannot afford to pay for it. But that’s a last resort sort of thing – I really hope it doesn’t come to that.
Right now I’m doing about 85-90Gb of traffic a month. That’s up a bit because of the Black Box release and interest in Ozzfest 2004. Before this, I was still doing about 50-55Gb of traffic a month – which is way over the 5Gb I’m supposed to be with at my current host. I mention this on the off chance someone viewing this site runs a web hosting company and might be willing to help out. The projected costs I’m looking at are less about the actual bandwith, and more about the amount of pageviews, cgi processes, and database use I have.
As a reminder, a few things are offline at the moment to help keep my levels a bit lower. Right now, my ad banners are offline, the mailing list is inactive, and I have the timeline page offline (as it’s the single biggest and popular page I have). I hope to have the situation resolved shortly, and have full functionality restored, but I don’t have a date for that yet.