Iommi’s DEP Sessions is out – Go Get it!

The album formerly known as Eighth Star has now been released! Available legally as “The 1996 DEP Sessions“, this solo album from Tony Iommi was originally recorded in 1996 (from July to December). It features Glenn Hughes on vocals. Glenn has made a previous appearance in Sabbath’s back history, that being the 1986 Sabbath album Seventh Star (oddly enough that was originally supposed to be an Iommi solo album).
Also making appearances on the album are Sabbath veterans Don Airey & Geoff Nicholls. Also here is Jimmy Copley on drums; Jimmy played on Tony’s 2000 solo album, “Iommi“.
The album was released in the US on September 28th, in the UK yesterday (the 4th), and the rest of the world will get it on October 11th. You can order it with these links:

Order from US

Order from UK

I very highly recommend this album. I was a fan of it in it’s bootleg form for many years, and now that it’s cleaned up and professionally released, it sounds much better, and can be obtained by a far wider audience – something this music really deserves.
You should also check out this page on Tony Iommi’s site. It has an interview with Glenn & Tony where they talk about various aspects of the album. Most definitely worth a listen.