Another Tony Martin Update

Next up is an update from the Official Tony Martin website in which he talks about various topics from his new solo album to Black Sabbath and the band Candlemass. Here’s some bits from that…
The new Tony Martin album is comin on nicely, I’ve decided to keep the first issue limited to 2000 copies. There will probably be 12 tracks on the album including a live track from a Sabbth show. I have recorded 2 tracks featuring the legendary drumming of Cozy Powell. How? well, when I fronted Cozy Powells Hammer, he gave me 20 drumming tracks to write some songs with, I forgot I had them untill I found them recently in the move to my new house.
The 2 tracks that I have put on the album are called “Raising Hell” and “Wings of Thunder” They originate from the Sabbath days and I did play the demo’s to him when we were doin Hammer, he thought they were really good. They are very much cozy type tracks and It’s taken me AGES!! I was determined to get it right! I’m very pleased with the way they turned out. If the tracks prove successfull I’ll do a complete album of new songs with his drum tracks.
Other tracks on the album are, “Bitter Sweet” “Field of Lies” These 2 tracks are really Sabbath sounding tracks, I’ve been writing with Geoff Nicholls and these are just a couple of the tracks we did to-gether. There’s a Ballad called “Wherever you go” and even a rap metal track that my son wrote called “Unbearable” I’m just putting the final touches to the vocals and then gotta get artwork done, but I aint gonna spend a lotta time on that just something straight forward.

Check out Tony’s site for more on what he’s been up to.