More Interviews

Another update, another interview it seems. This time it’s one with Tony Iommi over at Classic Rock Revisited, and it asks him about the DEP Sessions album, a new Sabbath album, the usual things Tony gets asked about. Here’s some bits from the full interview

Jeb: Is there any chance these will end up being played live or is this just to let the fans hear what you did?
Tony: It is to let the fans hear what we did, but at the same time Glenn and I are back doing another album. Glenn came over to England about five weeks ago and we went into a rehearsal situation. It has been great fun and we have been coming up with some really good stuff. Glenn will come back in a week and we will keep writing and then we will go in the studio and record them.
Jeb: Now, I have to ask about your ‘other band.’ Are there any plans on getting together and recording?
Tony: Oh, the ‘other band’ [laughs]. There are no plans. We talk about it as we always do. I think everyone in Sabbath is into making another album. We are certainly into doing another tour, for sure, if we could. I would like to make another album but, as has been the case for a long time, it is hard to get everyone together to do it. Ozzy has had a lot of commitments over the past few years that have made it difficult.