Update on Tony Martin

Over the weekend, I saw a post online saying there was a new Tony Martin solo album due shortly. I decided to look into it, and I emailed Tony to ask what was going on. He replied with the following email (which he was kind enough to let me post online).

From: “Tony Martin” [address withheld]
To: “Joe Siegler” [siegler@black-sabbath.com]
Subject: Re: New album?
Date sent: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 22:01:14 -0000
Hi Joe
Thanks for the support, yes there will be a new album, but I’m doing it as a personal release. Geoff Nicholls plays on it and he suggested a limited first edition, so the first release of it will only be 2000 copies, then early next year I’ll add a couple more or different tracks and release it in bigger numbers. Just want to get something out of my own and it’s driving me nuts!!!
It’s made up of tracks that I wrote and played with Geoff and Cozy and My sons and a few others but mostly by me. The problem with that as you know is my styles really vary! From BWIB eg to Sabs and that makes it difficult for companies to take it on so I’m takin the risk myself and hopin that some people will find some of it inspirational!
I get the feelin that there’s a lot of good stuff on it. Mostly people that have heard bits of it have good things to say but I’ll have to wait n see.
Each track is quite unique but overall it has a Sabbath sound to it, traditional and some of my years are woven in to it.
Best thing is to keep an eye on my site and as things happen I’ll post it up. Was hopin to get it done by xmas but I can’t see me doin it, who knows.
When it’s done I’ll send you a copy and maybe you can review it or do an Interview or somethin. I don’t know how to proceed with it yet, I’m doin a lot of shows with the theater show WLM in the UK startin January 31st and will be lookin to sell em at the shows.
The worst part of self release is the “up in the air” kind of feelin …. wish it would go away! but then I gotta go through this to find out. So…. Bring it on!

Looks like we’ll finally get a new Tony Martin album after his appearing on numerous albums by other folks. A look at his website shows a few track titles for this (unnamed) album. They are “Bitter Sweet”, “Field of Lies”, “Wherever you Go”, & “Unbearable”. Once I get more details, I’ll post ’em online.