Bill Ward’s Radio Show Reruns

For awhile now, Bill Ward has been doing a monthly radio program out of WPMD (a college radio station at Cerritos College in California). This morning comes word that Bill Ward’s previous programs will be rerun in a special programming block.’s “alternative stream” presents a Bill Ward Marathon. Every “Rock 50” show that the Black Sabbath drummer has done on WPMD over the last three years will be played, in order and repeated, from February 1st through the 8th.
From February 8th through the 15th, the “alternative stream” will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the demise of the LA heavy metal legend — Pure Rock 105.5 KNAC-FM. The celebration will include full shows, special programs, special guests and historical tidbits from the final days leading up to the end on February 15, 1995, when KNAC-FM left the air. On February 15th the final 8 hours will play in the same time slot that closed out the station in 1995 — from 6am to 2pm. Special guests in those final hours include Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield of Metallica, along with air personalities from the entire history of “Pure Rock” 105.5 KNAC-FM.
For more information on Bill’s appearances on Rock 50, visit the “Rock 50 page” at Bill’s site.