New Iommi Album Update

It appears that the new Tony Iommi / Glenn Hughes album is progressing faster than I had previously anticipated. The following update appeared over the weekend on Tony’s Website:
Tony is making great progress with his new album which, as we reported previously, features Glenn Hughes ( on vocals and Kenny Aronoff ( on drums. They’ve cut 13 tracks, all produced by Bob Marlette, who worked on Tony’s first solo album in 2000 and the Black Sabbath ‘Reunion’ album in 1998, and whose recent productions with Seether and Shinedown are currently in the US Billboard charts.
The album is now at the mixing stage and discussions are taking place regarding the release date which will be later this year. Tony is also hoping to be able to take this album out live.

If Tony goes out with this live, I hope he comes to the United States with it. It’s been so long since all the non Osbourne material has gotten any airplay outside of a Dio concert, I’d like to see it again!