New News Format Now Online

Hey gang. Here’s a news update which is a little different.
I’ve changed the news format. Previously, I had flat files with everything on one page, and when I wanted to break things off, I had to do it all by hand. Well, I went and have installed blogging software for me to keep the news with. It will make my life a lot easier in terms of getting updates done, maintenance, that kind of thing. Anyway, I spent some time the last few days making the software look like the rest of my site. It’s not all complete, but it’s mostly done, so I thought I’d launch it now. Likewise, I have only the news from January 2004 until now in this new system. The old style news pages are still online if you want to view older news, but they’ll eventually be moved into here, too.
A big bonus in all this is that you can search the news now (although search is one of the areas where the software doesn’t look like the rest of the site – yet).
I have decided NOT to turn on the commenting system, because of two reasons (although they’re similar).
1) User comments on music sites tend to be worthless, IMO. Blabbermouth is an example. They’re one of the best in terms of news, but the user comments area is mostly folks insulting each other.
2) In the photo gallery here I had comments turned on, but a few asshats ruined it for everyone else, and I had to turn it off.
I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time and patience to police a comments field. I didn’t think it was a major loss anyway, since I now have online forums where you can interact with others.
If you spot any problems, let me know.