Tony Martin Update on “Scream”

I was pretty backlogged with email this past week, and neglected to get this online. It was sent to me by Tony Martin, and is an update on his solo album “Scream”, which was due to be released early in 2005. It’s been delayed a bit. Here’s what Tony has to say about it…

Dear friends,
Well here we are on the other side and guess what!…. It’s still in the making. Yep, I tried to get this album ready for the WLM tour but it aint happened. I wasn’t able to find anyone that could press it in the time left and then there were a few small problems with one of the tracks so I had to go back over it. SO! Here’s the deal, I reckon it’s gonna be ready by the spring time, hopefully April and the idea is this, the limited edition version will be available through us here since there will only be 2000 of them. I’m trying to release another version of it though with some different tracks on it through main stream companies. The problem with that is some companies want it all for themselves and I wanna hook up with a few different ones to cover the different territories around the world, so there’s still some discutions going on about that. The Limited edition version will have an interview track that I’m doin about the album and various other stuff plus the regular tracks and a Sabbath live track. The other album will have 2 different tracks swapped in the list and no interview track.
Both albums will be called “Scream” but will have different packaging so they have their own identities. Why am I goin to all this bother? well, it seemed to me that it would be great to offer something special to those of who have really hung in there and been following my career closer than most, thus the limited edition through my site. This should be the first released, the mainstream one should follow later in the year.
I may be trying to acheive the impossible here because some of the companies are resisting the non-exclusive licenceing idea I’ve got, on the other hand there are others that don’t mind so I’ll let you know how that goes.
Anyways that’s it for now.
best wishes