Bill Ward’s Audio Diary available

Bill Ward has left the States to head to England for rehearsals for the European Black Sabbath shows and Ozzfest. As a present, Bill has recorded an audio diary for you, his website visitor. The diary talks about a bevy of topics. Some of the topics he talks about are:
Bill’s radio show Rock 50, The start of Sabbath rehearsals, how he gets in shape for Sabbath’s drumming and his exercise regimen, some of the things he does offstage on tour, some of Bill’s favourite music, the other bands on Ozzfest, Ozzy’s bike accident and his recovery from that, what it’s like playing with Geezer Butler, updates on Bill’s new record deal, future things on, various Sab members’ solo albums, and of course the prospects on a new Black Sabbath album!
The entire audio diary entry is 21 minutes and 15 seconds long. You can download the file here. It’s an m4a (aka mp4) audio file.
You need one of any number of free audio players (Winamp, iTunes, or Musicmatch Jukebox) to play this file.
The plans are for Bill to continue these audio diaries once the Sabbath tour starts, so make sure and check back during the summer for more from Bill! In the meantime, download and enjoy Bill’s audio diary!