Bill Ward’s Audio Diaries now as a podcast

A recent trend in online audio publication is that of podcasting. Podcasting is where you subscribe to an rss feed like you would any other rss news feed. The difference with a podcast feed is that it will pull down media – in this case Bill’s audio diaries!
It’s called podcasting, as it originted with the Apple iPod. You don’t need an iPod to make use of this, however. What’s cool about podcasting is that you don’t have to seek out Bill’s site to get the diaries, they’ll be automatically delivered to whatever you’re using as your software. It’s all very cool, and all very automatic.
First off, if you’re already doing podcasting, then this is the link you will want – it’s the feed for Bill’s Diary Podcast:
If you don’t know what podcasting is, and might be interested in it, check out this link. this link, and this link These are some good explanations of podcasting, and how to get involved.