Neil Murray to go under the knife

Former Black Sabbath bassist Neil Murray will be having surgery next month for carpal tunnel syndrome. Tony Iommi had the same thing some years ago, had the operation, and came through it fine – so here’s to hoping all goes well for Mr. Murray.
Here’s something Neil wrote himself about the situation:

M3 bassist Neil Murray (ex-WHITESNAKE, BLACK SABBATH) will be out of action during July as he has to have an operation on his left wrist for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which affects the movement in his fingers. He will be temporarily replaced for M3’s festival appearance at Open Air Hamburg Harley Days Festival on July 16 by David Levy, who has worked with M3 guitarists Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody (both ex-WHITESNAKE) many times before. Neil should be back playing in the QUEEN musical “We Will Rock You” by the beginning of August and will return for the M3 “classic WHITESNAKE” gigs in Bildein (Austria) and Heidenheim (Germany) on August 26 and August 27, respectively.

If you’d like to read more on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you can do so at this link over at