Snakecharmer Second Skin

Back on December 2012, I wrote about the then pending release of the first Snakecharmer album.  At the time I rather liked it, but in the few years that have passed since I wrote that, I’ve come to bloody love the album.  The first Snakecharmer album is for me one of my favorite albums released […]

Neil Murray & Space Elevator

Neil Murray, the man who has been in so many projects, has a new one to add to his ever larger list of them.  This one is called “Space Elevator”, and they have a debut album out in March.  I don’t know a whole lot about it, I just found out about it myself recently. […]

Snakecharmer Review

I live in the United States, and given my age, I was a “musical child of the 80’s”.  I was 15 in 1980, and music of that era is what dominated my rock listening style.   Like a lot of Americans, I was introduced to Whitesnake through the Slide it In album, and that crystallized […]


Next month we will be getting an album of new material from Snakecharmer (that’s also the album’s name), a band made up of some former Whitesnake members (Micky Moody & Neil Murray), as well as a Black Sabbath connection (Neil again, and Adam Wakeman).   I should have some more promotional material available shortly, but […]

Neil Murray to go under the knife

Former Black Sabbath bassist Neil Murray will be having surgery next month for carpal tunnel syndrome. Tony Iommi had the same thing some years ago, had the operation, and came through it fine – so here’s to hoping all goes well for Mr. Murray. Here’s something Neil wrote himself about the situation: M3 bassist Neil […]

What are they up to now?

In all the years of Black Sabbath, there’s been a lot of folks that have been in the band in some capacity. There’s quite a few of them to keep track of, and it occurred to me during the month of December that I should take stock of everyone, and see what they’re all up […]


Got a quick update on former bassist Neil Murray when I had asked him what he’s been up to lately. This is what he said: I’m busy almost every day playing in the Queen musical We Will Rock You in London, which is very successful and will probably run for a long time. I’ll take […]


I got this about a week ago, but haven’t had a chance to put it online till now. Check this out.. Hello Joe, Starting on Sunday, April 15th we will have a Neil Murray auction on the COS web page! Neil Murray is going to auction 6 Whitesnake shirts, plus 6 Black Sabbath, 6 Brian […]