Tony Iommi Fused Update

I wanted to say a few things about next month’s release of Tony Iommi’s third solo album, “Fused“.
I received my promo copy of Fused from Tony’s management earlier this week, and it’s been in my CD player(s) almost non stop. For awhile now we’ve seen quotes from Tony saying that he’s really excited about the new stuff. I can see why after listening to it – it’s awesome! I’ll have much more to say later on when I post a full review of the album closer to release of the album. I need some more time to properly digest it before I do a proper review.
I also received word that there will be a bonus track for the Japanese version of Fused, but no details yet what the title is. More on that when I get it.
In other Fused news, the album is now available for pre-order through, as well as also being available at Amazon’s UK store. Here are some ordering links for you to use:
Pre-Order through
Pre-Order through
You’re going to want this when it’s released in mid July! :)

If you want to prepare yourself for the release of Fused, you can check out these albums, too. Two of the three feature the Fused team of Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes. The “Iommi” album doesn’t have Glenn Hughes, but is packed with Iommi riffs. :)
Black Sabbath’s Seventh Star (1986)
Tony Iommi’s “Iommi” (2000)
Tony Iommi’s “The 1996 Dep Sessions” (2004)