Get Fused & Ohmwork Signed at Ozzfest

In the last couple of days both the Tony Iommi & Geezer Butler websites have made announcements about meeting Tony & Geezer at Ozzfest shows. They will be signing copies of their new respective solo albums at a special booth on the Ozzfest grounds during an hour block each day on Ozzfest in the “FYE” area.
There’s a few caveats for this autograph session you should be aware of, it applies to both of the guys. This text is taken from the site, as they’ve already written good text on this, there’s no point in me reinventing the wheel on this. :)

THE ONLY THING THAT TONY WILL BE SIGNING IS COPIES OF ‘FUSED’ PURCHASED ON SITE FROM THE FYE BOOTH ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW. We’ve already advised you not to bring any other Iommi or Sabbath CDs, and we’d like to clarify that items such as guitars or any other memorabilia or merchandise will not be signed either. Security will be extremely strict on the day, so please do not jeopardise either your chance, or anyone else’s chance to meet Tony by trying to get extra items in. We want to make sure that as many people as possible get to say hi Tony at each show.

This likewise goes for Geezer. The only thing that Geezer will be signing is copies of Ohmwork bought at the FYE booth on the day of the show. After having a word with both camps about this, I’ve been advised to tell folks to please try and not “sneak” stuff through, thinking it’s just “one small thing, it won’t matter”. Security will be enforcing this issue hard, and if you try and circumvent it, there will be some unpleasantness from that. So to save everyone (particularly yourself) some hassle, please don’t try and break the rules on this.
Having said all that, I’ve been assured that Tony & Geezer are looking forward to meeting folks around the Ozzfest shows.