Iommi Fused Update – Extra Track Information

Since I posted my review of Fused yesterday, I’ve since been made aware of some additional “bonus” tracks that will appear in relation to this release.
There is the already mentioned Let it Down Easy, which will be on the Japanese version of the album. That one I’ve already heard and reviewed. This track is also available as a bonus download to folks who pre-order Fused through the Tower Records website in USA/Canada. In addition to the download, you’ll get a signed copy of the CD for a limited time (not sure when it runs out exactly).
However, there’s two more than I have not.
First is “The Innocence”, which will appear exclusively on iTunes when the album is released in the US next Tuesday.
Second is “Slip Away”, which will appear as part of a deal with,, & – which means you have to have the Real Player to get that one, as they are using their own DRM on it. Additionally, if you’re in the UK, and use Napster, Slip Away will be available to you there. UPDATE: You can get this track from the store here.
So that’s all I know of the three “extra” tracks from the Fused sessions. I’ll have links to the iTunes track and the Iommi/RStone track online as soon as I get them.