Winners of Fused Giveaway

Last week I posted a contest where folks could win a copy of Fused, which was released yesterday. Today I picked the winners, and here they are:
1) Eric Goldberg of Shrewsbury, MA
2) Leo Scheben of Anchorage, AK
3) Lev Kalman of Philadelphia, PA
4) Timo Peterse of The Netherlands
5) Michelle Davies of Hamburg, Germany
Congratulations to all the winners, your CD’s will go out in the mail tomorrow. Also, as is customary, here’s the answers to the trivia questions I posed for this contest..
1) What is Tony’s real first name?
It’s Frank. His name is Frank Anthony Iommi.
2) What rock star was Tony engaged to in the mid 80’s?
That would be Lita Ford.
3) What other famous band was Tony briefly a member of in 1968?
Jethro Tull, for a very brief time – enough to make “a cameo” in the movie “The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus”.
4) What band was Tony in during the mid 60’s that was named after an American car?
The Rockin’ Chevrolets – of which there’s a picture I scanned in several years ago on my site. Check it out – Tony’s second from the right.
5) How many members of Deep Purple have played with Tony in Black Sabbath and who are they?
First is Ian Gillan, who handled lead vocals on the Born Again album and tour. Second was Glenn Hughes, who sang on the Seventh Star album and a couple of live shows. Third was Don Airey, the current keyboardist in Purple played with Tony on the 1978 album, “Never Say Die!”.