Archives for September 2005

Vote for Lunarmile!

Who is Lunarmile? That’s the band with Toni-Marie, the daughter of Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi on vocals. The band is currently engaged in an unsigned band competition on the Kerrang radio site in the UK. LunarMile is up against four others, and it would be cool if you could help out Toni-Marie and the […]

Tony Martin News

This week, some big news hit about Tony Martin’s new album, Scream. Tony signed a record deal with MTM Records in Germany to release the album. Here’s a little of what Tony had to say on his website about it.. Eureka! I have become property of MTM Records in Munich Germany!!! Playmates I am happy […]

I’m back

I’m back and have done a full update on my Sabbath site. If anyone sent me anything, I’ve used it, so check the revision history page for a complete update on what’s changed on the site. Also, I’ve gotten several emails asking me to comment on the Iron Maiden / Sharon Osbourne fiasco. I don’t […]

Hurricane Katrina

You know, as I sit here the last few days watching the coverage from New Orleans, and all the othe surrounding areas destroyed by the recent Hurricane, I have a hard time bringing myself to work on my websites. Some of the images I’ve been watching are particularly disturbing (dead in the water, dead on […]