Another Tony Martin Update

Another day, another Tony Martin update. As the release of his new solo album gets closer, we get more and more updates. First up is some info I got from Tony directly. It concerns the Japanese release of “Scream“. I asked if the Japanese version of the album would have a unique track like so many albums do. Here’s what Tony had to say about it:

The Japanese have an extra track called “Unbearable” it’s whacky!!!! I wrote it with my other son Sam and it’s a really modern Rap metal track. Love it!

So there will be another track from the Scream album if you have access to the Japanese version.
Additionally, there’s a new interview with Tony online where he talks about a whole range of things, from his time in Black Sabbath to all the projects he’s sung on in the last several years (Rondinelli, Cage, M3, etc), to lots on his new solo album, the Whole Lotta Metal shows; he even remarks on the Sharon Osbourne/Iron Maiden/egg thing. :) Make sure and check it out, it’s a great interview.