Tony Martin’s Scream Update #2

Two days ago I brought you an update on Tony Martin’s Scream, his new album due out shortly. I’ve got another update for you, with some more information.
This can truly be called a “solo” album, as Tony Martin himself plays most everything on it. Now it’s not all him, obviously, but a lot of it is. Here’s Tony’s own words on who plays what on “Scream”.

Ok the line up is
Me,…. me,…,….. er …me, ……
Actually I play a lot of stuff myself, I play the bass on everything, I play some guitar but my son Joe plays most of it, I play Violin, Geoff plays most of the keyboards although I had a part played by John Taylor who is a GREAT player but unknown to most. I also kept a guitar solo part played by Pedro Howse who is Geezer Butlers ……. nephew I think? He helped with Bitter Sweet.
Mostly that’s it, I didn’t really intend on doing most of it myself but as I was writing it and I needed a part playing I just picked up the intrument I wanted and did it, then the other guys went over what I had done in parts to make it better.
Apart from the drums!!!!! That was different…. Obviously Cozy isn’t around to re-play stuff so I had to use the computer to make that work. The original drum track was not bad but I needed to get a chorus into a different place in one part and the cymbles were a little distorted in places so I had to repeat parts of the drum track to get what the song needed. It took a LONG time to acheive, mostly because it was important to keep the integrity of the drum track, and also his name. But apart from THAT!!! I also had to try and match the Cozy track to the rest of the album, in fact I neded up matching th ealbum to Cozy’s track, Raising Hell became the benchmark for the rest of the songs. So It took a long time to finish.
There are another 22 Cozy tracks I could work with, the one I mentioned on my site is still around but i had to leave it off this album, I just wasn’t happy with the lyrics. I wanted to use it as Cozy heard it but to honest it sounds wrong!!! So I’d like to work on that one longer before I release it on you guys.

I went on to ask him who then is playing in his touring band, and this is who he told me was in it:
Geoff Nicholls on Keyboards
Danny Needham on Drums
Jamie Mallander on Bass
Joe Harford on guitar
Fabio Cerrone on guitar
Tony Martin on vocals
Now that I’ve had it for a few days to listen to it completely destroys his original 1992 solo album. This is far superior in every way. As I said a couple of days ago if you were a fan of Tony’s tenure in Black Sabbath, you should check this out. As a bonus, here’s a fan review of the album which I saw online yesterday. It was written by someone calling himself “Lucifer” (There’s an original fan nickname). Anyway he really seemed to enjoy it. Check it out. Don’t forget, if you want to pre-order the album, you can do so with the links here:

Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:28:34 -0000
From: “Lucifer” {address withheld}
Subject: Tony Martin – Scream Review
Tony Martin – Scream
MTM Records (MTM MUSIC no.: 0681-149) released: November 18th, 2005)
rated 9/10!
01. Raising Hell
02. Bitter Sweet
03. Faith In Madness
04. I’m Gonna Live Forever
05. Scream
06. Surely Love Is Dead
07. The Kids Of Today Don’t Understand The Blues
08. Wherever You Go
09. Field Of Lies
First let me say that this album has been a long time coming with Tony Martins debut solo release being “Back Where I Belong” which was released back in 1992! In the mean time there have been releases with Black Sabbath, Misha Calvin, Aldo Giuntini Project, Rondinelli, and two excellent albums with The Cage Project and an album with Empire so he’s kept busy.
Well here is the follow up to Back Where…. and has been worth the wait? Well to be honest yes! So here we go with a track by track:
Raising Hell
Not bad for an album opener, heavy and melodic, this song also features the late Cozy Powell on drums. A Promising start to the album I’ll give it 4/5
Bitter Sweet
Oh My GoD!!!!! Tony does Black Sabbath!!!!!! I swear this song could have fitted onto any Sabbath release Tonys ever worked on! Bitter sweet is a little reminicent of Virtual death from Cross Purposes, but with more colour/tempo/texture changes. A brilliant song, excelent lyrics and some nice heavy guitars! I swear SAbbath fans should love this track! I’ll Give this 5/5
Faith in Madness
Nice acoustic opening, then come the riffs. Again another excellent song, slow and doomy with lots of colour and texture changes Give this one 4/5
Im Gonna Live Forver
More melodic than the previous two tracks without loosing any of thwe power, I love this track with some Jon Lord sounding keyboards from Geoff Nichols (another ex sabbath member)This songs like a statement of intent! More in the style of say Empire then Sabbath with which i see no problems i’ll give this one 5/5
Album title track, long build up intro, excellent track with some excellent double bass drumming from er Tony Martin, my god he not only sings, writes and produce’s this he also plays the drum and bass parts through out the entire the album my god I’ll give this one 5/5
Surely Love Is Dead
Nice heavy track, excellent use of keyboards too, this songs like a cross between Tony’s sabbath, cage and empire releases and it really works I’ve got to give it another 4/5
The Kids Of Today Dont Understand The Blues
The strangest track on this album, melodic and i guess a fun song from Tony to lighten the mood. Its not my favourite track here but i have to say im singing along as i type lol! Its a grower but i still think its the weakest track so far I’ll give this a 3/5
Wherever You Go
A beautiful acoustic guitar and keyboard driven ballad. This truly is a beautiful song. Short and sweet and just about 3 minutes long indfact the shortest track on the album. A brilliant mood changer for the album too. I’ll give this one a 5/5
Field Of Lies
The Intro is pure Geoff Nichols, brings back memories of Sabbath tracks like Kill In The Spirit World, When Death Calls, Eternal Idol etc. Another heavy track in the Sabbath vein and this song really does remind me of the eternal idol for some reason not that it sounds anything like it. A Brilliant album closer! I’ll Give this excellent track 5/5
So summing up, well here we have a fine collection of tracks, which showcase Tony Martin the singer (He’s in fine Voice here) the song writter, and the musician (as i said he plays bass, drums etc) and we are introduced to his son on guitar too!)
I highly reconmend this to anyone whom has ever liked any of Tonys Previous projects, to Sabbath fans (esp. post ozzy era) and in general fans of classic rock performed the way it should be! The only faulf i Hve with this album is that its so short at 43 minutes or so.
Overall 9/10 and cant wait to see him live!
Buy it!