Winners of the Deep Purple Giveaway

The Deep Purple Rapture of the Deep contest I was running is now over, and I’m here to report the winners. I didn’t actually have the CD’s in hand until today, and I wanted to wait to announce the winners until then. First off, here are the questions and answers to the trivia contest:
Q: Which former Black Sabbath members are on Rapture of the Deep?
A: Ian Gillan (1983’s Born Again) and Don Airey (1978’s Never Say Die!). There’s some discussion as to whether Don was ever considered a full member of the band, as he was basically just a session man for that album, and never toured. However, he appeared on an album, that’s good enough for me.
Q: Which Deep Purple song did Black Sabbath play live in 1983?
A: That would be Smoke on the Water during the Born Again tour 83-84, because of Ian Gillan being in the band.
Q: What is the most recent project that involved both Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi on the same album? Hint: It’s not out yet.
A: That would be the forthcoming “Gillan’s Inn” project which will Mark Ian’s 40th anniversary in music. Tony Iommi plays guitar on a remake of Trashed, which also features Ian Paice and Roger Glover as the rhythm section.
Q: Who briefly played guitar for Deep Purple inbetween Ritchie Blackmore’s departure & Steve Morse’s arrival?
A: After Ritchie left for good at the back end of the ‘Battle Rages On‘ tour, they were contractually obligated to play some shows, and got Joe Satriani to play guitar for them. Joe was never intended to stay as a permanent member – although I would have loved to have seen this lineup live, as it sounded like it was cool to see.
Q: What is the air speed velocity of an unladened swallow?
A: This was a gag question. I was feeling silly when I wrote the questions, added this in. For those who don’t recognize it, it’s a line from the (most awesome) movie “Monty Python & the Holy Grail“. I had a decent number of people who replied with the proper line from the movie “What do you mean, African or European?”. Most people ignored it, but one guy actually tried to find the answer to it. That honor goes to Mr Ted Jacobus, who who gave me a legitimate answer to that – or so he thought. :)
Anyway, the CD’s will go out to the winners on Monday, as today’s one of those holidays here in the US where there’s no mail. :) Those winners are:
1) Dave Kuntz of Covington, WA
2) Jeremy Hamilton of Defiance, OH
3) Jouni Huhtinen of Turku Finland
4) Mike Quinn of Overland, MO
5) Robert Stillman of Plainfield, IL
Thanks to Rob over at Eagle Records for providing me with the copies for the giveaway. Thanks to all that have entered, and if you didn’t win, you should go buy a copy (It’s list is much cheaper than most CD’s, and is selling for a respectable price). This is a great album!
Next up, I’m trying to secure copies of Tony Martin’s “Scream” for my next giveaway. More on that later if I can get the copies.