New Deep Purple Press Release

DEEP PURPLE CONFIRM NEW STUDIO ALBUM IN APRIL “The title of our new album is still a question mark to all of us… We have recorded a new album, and it’s a fantastic collection of songs. At the moment that’s the only affirmative point we can offer…” (Ian Gillan, December 2012) Eight years after the […]

Deep Purple Playlist

I had a request or two to post my playlist for Deep Purple.  As it has been known, I tend to want to do these things the RIGHT WAY, which means to cover all eras and all albums.  My Deep Purple list is similar to the list I did for Ronnie James Dio’s career here […]

RIP Jon Lord

Jon Lord, the former Deep Purple keyboardist has died at the age of 71 of pancreatic cancer.  He’d been ill for some time, but was not able to beat the cancer.  As I said on Twitter earlier today, “fuck cancer”.  Said it when Ronnie died, too.   Check the official news item from Jon’s site […]

Deep Purple’s Around the World DVD

If you’re a fan of Black Sabbath (why else would you be reading this), then you’re probably also a fan of Deep Purple. Both bands have long histories of personnel changes, and carrying on when popular opinion seemed to think that they should not. The primary difference between Black Sabbath and Deep Purple is that […]

Winners of the Deep Purple Giveaway

The Deep Purple Rapture of the Deep contest I was running is now over, and I’m here to report the winners. I didn’t actually have the CD’s in hand until today, and I wanted to wait to announce the winners until then. First off, here are the questions and answers to the trivia contest: Q: […]

Deep Purple’s Rapture of the Deep – Win a free copy!

This is a Black Sabbath site, right? What am I doing talking about the 18th studio Deep Purple album? Well, it’s a damn good piece of music, and it comes out tomorrow. If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy, then good lord you should do so. This is a great album. This now marks the fourth […]