Winners of the Tony Martin Giveaway

I’m here to post the winners of the Tony Martin giveaway. These two folks have won a copy of Tony Martin’s Scream album. They are:
William Devine of Arnold, MD
Chris Lawless of Saugerties, NY
The answers to the trivia questions:
1) Which Black Sabbath song did Tony cover on his first solo album?
That would be Jerusalem, which originally appeared on the Tyr album. Tony said publically in years past that he felt Sabbath should have played that live, so it’s no surprise there.
2) What other former Black Sabbath member is on Tony’s new album, Scream?
There’s two, actually. Geoff Nicholls (who shouldn’t be listed as “former”, IMO) handles keyboards. Cozy Powell is also on the album, via some drum tracks he recorded for Tony Martin back in 1992 before his death.
3) What band was Tony Martin in when he was chosen as Sabbath’s vocalist in 1987?
The answer to this is “The Alliance”. I got that one verified by Tony himself. I got several answers to this one (Misha Calvin, The Cage, etc), but according to Mr Martin himself, the proper answer is “The Alliance”.
4) What other bands was Tony in with Cozy Powell besides Black Sabbath?
Again, according to Tony Martin, the proper answer to this is Forcefield as well as Hammer (also known as Cozy Powell’s Hammer and ‘Tony Martin & Friends’).
One could make a point that the Tony Martin band could be listed here too, as Cozy is on his new album, but I wasn’t looking for that response when I put the question together.
Additionally when I put this together, I emailed Tony Martin and asked him about whether or not he and Cozy Powell were in the band Blue Murder at the same time. As Tony’s response seems to indicate that they were not, I did not use that as an answer for this question. Here’s Tony’s response to my query about whether he was in Blue Murder at the same time as Cozy was:

Cozy had been there already when I worked on the songs. I’m not sure that at the point of my arrival he was in the band!!!! But he was on the tracks. Then I don’t know what happened after that. I worked solo with John on the songs and no other musicians were at the studio.

So there you have it. The fourth question turned out to be a bit more complicated than I had liked, but since the answer came from Tony Martin himself, it’s hard to argue that. :) William & Chris, your CD’s are on the way.
Thanks to all who entered!