Archives for January 2006

LunarMile Update

LunarMile have just finished a new track called ‘I Know’. They’ve put it up on the website where people can download it for 89p. Direct link to the LunarMile Page on Overplay: It’s the first track the band has made available for download, and it’s also the first track recorded by the new […]

Some recent Tony Iommi Updates

Tony Iommi gives masterclass for TV’s ‘Rock School’ The new series of ‘Rock School’ presented by Gene Simmons takes to the screens in the UK on Sunday 29th January, and features Tony in the second episode which goes out on 5th February at 9pm on Channel 4. Tony took over the teacher role for an […]

War Pigs 1970

Not much going on with Black Sabbath as we start 2006. Band appears to be inactive again, so there’s little for me to report on now. In lieu of any actual real news, I found this video of Sabbath doing War Pigs in 1970 via Google Video. Check it out. Requires a flash player in […]