Iommi & Bevan’s Belch?

I was looking around for some info on Bev Bevan a little while ago, and ran across this link. It talks about a side project that Tony Iommi was in with Bev Bevan simply called “Belch!”. Here’s the relevant bits:

Bev has also admitted to being a partner-in-crime with Jasper Carrott and Tony Iommi in their side-project rock band Belch!!

Now I’m not naieve enough to think I know everything, but I know an awful lot about Black Sabbath, and I’d never heard this before, so I immediately contacted some of Iommi’s people and inquired about that. Here’s the response I got back:

‘Belch’ was some years ago now, they created it as a joke, hence the name. Jasper Carrott is a good friend of Tony and Bev’s, he’s a very successful UK comedian. It must be 10 years or so that they last got together, the band played rock covers.

So it appears this isn’t a current side project, and even if it was, it doesn’t appear to have been anything serious – but it does have an amusing title. :)