Bill Ward suffers a big loss

Bill has sent in the the March 2006 edition of his Audio Diary series (the 13th overall entry). This new edition totals 32:29 in length. The subjects discussed in this edition Bill speaks at length on, so there’s not as many different subjects as he normally talks about, but what is talked about is talked about in depth. Here’s what’s going on in this new edition.

  • Wilson Pickett, who has recently died. He also talks about how it’s not always easy for some older musicians still trying to make a living at their craft.
  • Talks a lot about Black Sabbath’s induction into the Hall of Fame; lots of issues relating to the HOF ceremonies and other bands who went in with Sabbath. Bill also talks about his appreciation for Geezer, Tony, & Oz. Loved Metallica, both in their speeches and in their playing of Sabbath songs.
  • A small update on Beyond Aston.
  • Bill talks about a couple of deaths in his family recently. One was his wife’s grandmother, and the other, unfortunately was the baby that Bill and his wife were expecting.

If you listen to Bill’s audio diary, he talks a lot about the loss of the baby. Bill and his wife had found it was to be a boy, and they had chosen the name Bram, after Bram Stoker. Bill found out about this when he was deplaning from returning from the trip for Sabbath’s HOF induction.
Naturally, as you can expect, it has not been an easy time for the Ward family. In the diary, Bill talks about sending in emails and letters of condolence. Here are the contact details if you choose to contact Bill regarding this matter.
Via Email:
Via Snail Mail:
Aston Cross Music, Inc.
2633 Lincoln Blvd. Box #100
Santa Monica, CA 90405-4619
If you wish your letter not to be opened and read, please mark it “Private” on the outside. Further details on ‘private letters’ and what will happen with all the emails and letters are in the audio diary.
Please please PLEASE check it out over at here. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers at this time.
(This is a copy of the news story I wrote about the newest edition of Bill Ward’s Audio Diary/Podcast for – I didn’t feel like writing this same news twice, as it’s not exactly the happiest news I’ve ever written about).