Contest Winners

Here are the answers to the Black Sabbath & Dio contests from a couple of weeks ago, along with the winners, who will have their CDs mailed out in the next couple of days:
Black Sabbath Greatest Hits giveaway:
1) Q: What was the name of the new track Sabbath played live during Ozzfest 2001?
A: That was “Scary Dreams”, which came from the recording sessions done in 2001 for the new studio Sabbath album which has still not shown up.
2) Q: What was the original name of the “Volume 4” album before the record label made them change it?
A: It was Snowblind, their song about cocaine.
3) Q: What was the original name of the “Paranoid” album before the record label made them change it?
A: War Pigs was the original title of that album.
4) Q: Who was Ozzy’s first replacement as lead vocalist in Black Sabbath?
A: Dave Walker, who did appear on TV once in Jan 1978 with Sabbath.

  • David Ian Benbow (Sale Moor Cheshire, England)
  • Felix Eltes (Kungsbacka, Sweden)
  • Michael Edwards (McAlisterville, PA)
  • Ricky Woods (New Hyde Park, NY)
  • John Roner (Dortmund, Germany)

Dio Holy Diver Live Giveaway:
1) Q: What is the name of the “character” that is on several Dio album covers?
A: Murray
2) Q: What is Ronnie Dio’s real surname?
A: Ronnie’s “real” name is Ronald James Padavona, although I was only looking for Padavona.
3) Q: What metal band’s concept album does Ronnie guest on in 2006?
A: Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime II
4) Q: What year and what band was Ronnie’s first recording released?
A: That would be Ronnie & the Redcaps in 1958. (Source)

  • Jorge Ascunce (Atlanta, GA)
  • Richard Johnson (Villa Rica, GA)
  • Ryan Snyder (Linwood, MA)
  • Wojciech Krol (Frampol, Poland)
  • Scott Rice (Roanoke, VA)