Gillan’s Inn Contest Winners

Here are the answers to the Gillan’s Inn contest which ended yesterday.
1) Q: What two Black Sabbath albums does Ian appear on?
A: Well, the obvious first one is Born Again (1983). However, the more obscure one is 1996’s “The Sabbath Stones”, which was the final Sab album released on IRS records. One track from Born Again appears there.
2) Q: What member of Iron Maiden used to be in Ian’s band?
A: Janick Gers, who is now one of three guitarists in Iron Maiden.
3) Q: How many studio albums has Ian recorded with Deep Purple?
A: The total is eleven. They are: Deep Purple In Rock (1970), Fireball (1971), Machine Head (1972), Who Do We Think We Are (1973), Perfect Strangers (1984), The House of Blue Light (1987), The Battle Rages On (1993), Purpendicular (1996), Abandon (1998), Bananas (2003), Rapture of the Deep (2005). Remember I did ask about “studio albums”. Things like Made in Japan, and the Concerto album (not to mention compilations) wasn’t what I was looking for here.
4) Q: What two non Black Sabbath songs did Sabbath play on the Born Again tour?
A: The common one was Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, which was played at every gig. The less common one was “Apache” by “The Shadows”, which was only played at a couple of gigs.

  • Charalampos Kioupis (Athens, Greece)
  • Clay Schuster (Fairbanks, AK)
  • Eddy Roma (Amatitlan, Guatemala)
  • Marsha Hillier (St Johns, NL – Canada, I think))
  • Steven Gibson (Abington, PA)

If you won one of the other recent contests (Dio Live, Sabbath GH), I still did not mail out the prizes, I held on to them knowing the Ian Gillan one was underway, I wanted to send them all out at the same time. They should go out tomorrow.